Digitising East Timor newsletters

The CHART Project has established a new website to view copies of 1974-1999 East Timor newsletters.

Newsletters produced internationally by solidarity activists and non-government organisations, along with the Timorese external resistance and broader Timorese diaspora, were a key means of circulating information about East Timor. They were especially important and influential in the pre-internet days of the 1970s and 1980s.

Digitising for access

Timor Archives: Newsletters is designed as an interim access point for newsletters digitised in a larger scanning project by CHART.

The new website now holds a full set of Timor Information Service (TIS), 1975-1983. This word-searchable digital set of TIS supersedes the newsletter samples described on this Blog in June.

More to come

We hope to include as many newsletters as possible on the website – subject to the availability of original print copies and agreement from the original creators.

Newsletters currently in the scanning pipeline include the Denis Freney / ETNA  East Timor News newspaper, the Pat Walsh / ACFOA East Timor Report and Timor Link from the (British) Catholic Institute for International Relations (CIIR, now known as Progressio, has an active presence in Timor Leste today).

Still early days, but more to come.

If your organisation would like to include its newsletter in this collection, please email us: blog [at] timorarchives.info


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