Timor audiovisual archives in France

9 November 2009


France’s National Audiovisual Institute (INA) is now showing some Timor archival material on its website.

While the visible website documentation is not clear , some of this material probably comes from the Max Stahl Audiovisual Centre (CAMSTL) in Dili. CAMSTL recently concluded an arrangement with INA to house copies of historic Timor footage for long-term preservation and international access.

Click here for INA video listIn addition to several archived French television news bulletins about Timor, historic items include footage about the Santa Cruz and Suai Church massacres along with a less-widely known 1980 French documentary. A list of INA holdings, with links to the footage, can be accessed by clicking on the image at left.

Limits to access
Sadly, there appear to be limits to viewing this material online. All items of a few minutes duration can be seen in full. Longer items seem to be restricted to a few-minutes excerpt; you have to pay some Euros to see the whole item.

Audiovisual ‘professionals’ can apparently view (for possible purchase) all footage for free by registering with INA’s commercial arm Inamediapro. My attempt to register as a professional archivist with audiovisual interests was rejected by INA.

Access issues aside for the moment, it is a promising sign to see this material being preserved at such a prestigious institution.