CHART Organisation

Clearing House for Archival Records on Timor (CHART) Inc. is a not-for-profit charitable association incorporated in the State of Victoria.

After operating informally from 2000, CHART was incorporated in May 2011 to establish a more formal operating framework and to seek funding for the enhancement of its work program.

CHART Inc is registered with the Australian Taxation Office as a Tax Concession Charity

Membership of the association is by invitation.

Who we are


CHART is honoured to have these life-long East Timorese leaders as its Patrons.

—- Mari Alkatiri ———– Xanana Gusmao ———– Jose Ramos-Horta —-



CHART is governed by a small management board drawn from the association’s membership. It is made up of individuals with well-established Timor connections and a strong commitment to access to Timor historical records.

Michael Leach Chairperson

Michael Leach is Professor in Politics at Swinburne University of Technology. He was a member of the Timor solidarity movement in Brisbane in the 1990s, later an academic with a strong research interest in Timor. He has published widely on East Timorese political developments and nation building and is a regular commentator on Timor in the Australian media. He is co-founder of the Timor-Leste Studies Association.


Cecily Gilbert


Cecily Gilbert is a qualified librarian with extensive experience in health and academic information management. Cecily has worked voluntarily on East Timor support projects since the mid-1970s, including the Timor Information Service newsletter, Radio 3CR’s East Timor Calling news program (1977-80) and more recently assisting with the archival materials managed by CHART.


Pat Walsh AM OT-L

Pat Walsh has been actively involved with East Timor since the late 1970s and officially honoured in Timor-Leste and Australia for his Timor human rights work. Internationally known for his Timor advocacy work, he directed the Australian Council for Overseas Aid (now ACFID) human rights program, 1985-2000. In East Timor he served both the truth and reconciliation commission (CAVR) and the Post-CAVR Secretariat, 2001-2010. He is a co-founder of CHART and is a member of the International Advisory Council for Timor-Leste’s Centro Nacional Chega!, the legally mandated successor institution to CAVR.

Hanna Loney [Data in preparation]


CHART programs are currently run by volunteer workers. Funding is being sought to pay modest wages for some of CHART’s core work program.

John Waddingham

John Waddingham is a qualified archivist and CHART Manager. John has maintained a close interest in developments in East Timor since 1975. He ran the Timor Information Service in Melbourne, 1975-1984 before researching the Timor issue for an Australian federal parliamentarian 1985-1987. He co-founded CHART in 2000 and has managed the project since then. He has visited Timor-Leste a number of times to monitor archive institutional developments there.


Christine Perkins [Data in preparation]

Gizela de Carvalho [Data in preparation]



Bill Armstrong AO Chairperson [2010-2017]

Bill Armstrong was CEO of Australian Volunteers International from 1982-2002 and is a past President of the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID 1993–1997). In the 1970s he was National Co-ordinator of Action for World Development, a nation-wide development education program, where his Timor engagement began. He is at present Chair of the City of Port Phillip’s Friends of Suai (Timor-Leste) Committee, Co-Chair of Indigenous Community Volunteers and Vice-President of ActionAid Australia (formerly Austcare). Bill is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Dr Susana Barnes [2012-2017]

Susana Barnes completed a doctorate in Anthropology at Monash University during her Board tenure. In the aftermath of 1999 post-ballot violence, Susana worked in East Timor with the Jesuit Refugee Service as co-ordinator of the Refugee Return Monitoring team. In 2003 she joined the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation as Advisor to the Statement Taking and Data Processing Unit. Between 2006-2008 she undertook fieldwork for an ANU research project on customary land tenure systems. Her doctoral research studied traditional forms of social organisation in rural East Timor.

CHART relies on the advice and guidance of a number of people with expertise in many areas of its work program and underlying organisational needs. Membership of this group is voluntary and varies from time to time. While some prefer to remain anonymous, current members of our Advisory Group include:

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