CHART Origins

CHART was founded by John Waddingham and Pat Walsh in November 2000.

CHART’s establishment followed a 12-month conversation between Waddingham & Walsh, stimulated in the first instance by Walsh’s 1999 paper on East Timorese access to Timor documentary materials held overseas.

This and other CHART foundation papers are accessible here:

Walsh, Pat 1999. For the record: The case for a national archival centre in East Timor

Waddingham, John 2000. East Timor: Thoughts on document collections in Australia

CHART Foundation document, 2000.

Between 2000-2010, CHART work was largely conducted by John Waddingham on a voluntary basis as time and personal resources permitted.

In 2011, CHART Inc became an incorporated association in the State of Victoria to enable it to seek funding for its work – especially to accelerate plans to digitise Australian-held Timor materials for universal access.

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