This blog is the work of John Waddingham, co-ordinator of CHART Project since 2000; qualified archivist since 2003; managed the Melbourne-based Timor Information Service 1975-1984.

Why this Blog?

See our first blog post on why this blog exists.

Essentially: This blog’s primary purpose is to report on work of the CHART Project and thoughts or ideas arising.

But: There is also a case for discussion and information exchange on a myriad of topics associated with finding, keeping and accessing the historical documentary Timor record.

Interested parties might include private and public Timor collection holders in Australia and elsewhere, researchers everywhere and East Timorese repository planners, managers and archivists to name a few.

To my knowledge there is currently no purpose-specific public place of record for such exchange in the Timor archives arena. I am happy for this blog to contribute to such an exchange.

This Blog and You

You could contribute in any of the following ways:

Guest Bloggers

I will consider publishing here any factual report or opinion piece concerned with Timor archival or record-keeping issues.

Collection information

Please alert me to any private or public collection not listed here or more detailed information on the content of our listed collections

Timorese institutional development

I will publish any new information on the progress in development of East Timorese archival institutions and reports of researcher experience in accessing collections in Timor.


I am keen to encourage discussion on any of these issues. Comments on blog postings are especially welcome. No registration required but commentary will be moderated. Preference given to civil, constructive submissions.


Email: blog [at] timorarchives.info

Postal: CHART Inc., Columban Mission Centre, 69 Woodland Street, Essendon VIC 3040. Australia


Cecily Gilbert for constant advice and assistance in the creation of this blog.

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