Timorese Archives

A basic guide to and discussion about developing/existing/prospective Timorese archival institutions, contacts, access protocols, collection strengths.

My 2003 report on archive developments in Timor-Leste – now outdated but of some ‘archival’ interest – is available here.

With partner Cecily Gilbert, I briefly visited Dili in August 2009 to gather current information on the state of archives programs in Timor-Leste. See my summary update. More to come.

I am especially interested to get updates from regular users and visitors to Timor-Leste for incorporation into these pages.

See links below for Timor-based organisations with known archival interests :

Arquivo Nacional

CAVR (Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation)

Centro Audiovisual Max Stahl Timor-Leste

Living Memory Project

National Library & Archives (in planning)

Resistance Museum and Archive

Yayasan Hak

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  1. Joana Ruas says:

    Benvindos ao espaço do meu e-mail.Conto convosco para me informar todos os dias.
    Joana Ruas

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